WHAT? There are comics? Are they online?


Yes! You can read all three parts of The Search and The Promise online. Both parts of The Rift can be found online as well.

An additional comic book that was published, Avatar: The Lost Adventures (it features never-before-seen adventures of the gang), can be viewed online also! 

NOTE: Be sure to read The Promise first because it leads into The Search! And The Search leads into The Rift!

The Promise → The Search → The Rift


Read all parts of The Promise here

Read The Search: Part 1 here

Read The Search: Part 2 here

Read The Search: Part 3 here

Read The Rift: Part 1 here.  

NEW: Read/Download The Rift: Part 2 here. (Thanks to norsepearl for the link!) 

Read Avatar: The Lost Adventures here.  

ALSO NOTE: The Rift (Part 3) will hit comic book stores in November 2014.


All of them are definitely worth the read! 


The most famous steampunk cat ? Steampunk Kitten by WJ313


The most famous steampunk cat ? 
Steampunk Kitten by WJ313


something quick idk


something quick idk



Post-Apocalyptic images of Japan Source

So fucking gorgeous 


threw down some flat colors on my LeBlanc drawing! Kind of a headcanon I have of what she wears instead of the body tape she’s rockin in game. She has a Liandry’s Torment on her hip C:



Zheng Chunhui, a famous Chinese wood carver spent 4 years engineering this master piece from a single tree. Based on a famous Chinese painting “Along the River During the Quingming Festival” the carving echoes the daily life of the 12th century Chinese local. The level of detail is stunning!



every time i see this i laugh so hard i’m in physical pain